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We do it, 
Just like deliverying it yourself. 

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We know how to improve your productivity by designing and managing your trade programs, contact center, information and imaging needs, making your supply Chain Seamless. 

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Corporate Contract Logistics

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International Freight Forwarding

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Plant Project 

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IT Solution Provider

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We speak
The Language,
You speak. 

Quality forwarding service Provider, with the system that delivers deep visibility and control, with predictable lead time.


From the process of purchasing order turning into Sales order all the way to the delivery management, ZIM walks you through the whole supply chain pipeline, speaking the language you speak. 

We offer

Freight Forwarding


Global Coverage with Network
Standard procedures with Tech-Forward care


Industrial Project

Focusing on Survey & Planning

Hand-on Experience with Platform. 

Data based Risk Management


IT Solution

TIM-Z / Solution-Z

With Platform that tracks & trace. 
Delivery Management System. 

 In your Language

This blog consist of our hand-on experience, the latest update on Industry Trends and the lesson that's been learned on the way to serve our Clients. 

Hopefully, some of which serves for your source of the latest insights and commentary on industry trends. 

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