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ECTN (Electronic Cargo Tracking Note)

What's ECTN No.

As to be an abbreviated form for Electronic Cargo Tracking Note, ETCN is a certificate that allows the relevant authorities to track, manage, and supervise all shipments from loading to the delivery to the destination.

Just like AMS System which has been implemented to many other trade lane, ECTN works to provide the authorities at Destination with the information about the cargos before they arrive at the destination.

AMS = Advanced Manifest System (Shipping carriers must report their cargo to destination customs before sailing).

It helps the Customs Authorities to observe, control and manage the import traffic and, consequently, allows them to prevent the smuggling of illegal items into their country, covering the need for identification and statistics and contributes to safe maritime transportation.

What are the required documents?

• Bill of Lading:

• Commercial Invoice:

• Export Customs Declaration at Origin.

• Freight Invoice: Only if the freight cost is not reflected on to the commercial invoice.

Certificates Documents Requested for Countries (Africa)


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