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"Cargo goes first in Air, without Pilots"

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

We've been hearing a lot about the self-driving system in road. Even if you haven't decide whether you are lling to take those unmanned veichele, with this news from UBS, you may have to think about "Pilotless Planes".

When we hear the news that more global companies start developing their self-driving system, we often imagine ‘self-driving cars’. However, there will soon be ‘pilotless planes’, too. According to UBS, pilotless * Union Bank of Switzerland

Accordinly to UBS, there will soon be a "Pilotless Planes" and the timeline is already set by 2020.

While most of passengers are relucant to travel in Pilotless Planes, when it comes to Cargo Flight, it would save airlines $35B a year in costs by eliminating pilots and their training and saving fuel from path optimization.

[Source : Canadian]


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