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Brexit & the consequent caution in need.

If you are importing British Origin products, you are eligible to enjoy a duty-free benefit on Korea-UK South Korea-U.K. FTA that were effected on 1st Jan, 2021.

However, if you are importing European products other than UK products from the UK, you will not be able to apply the Korea-UK FTA duty-free benefits, so tax will be applied according to the item.

Import duties is applied when European products are imported from the UK. Depending on the HS code, 8 to 13% of import duty are levied with 10% VAT added on.

An official of the Korea Customs Service said, "Of course, no tariff is applied to products made in the UK, but from this year on, even if the goods are purchased in the UK, if the goods are produced in other countries in Europe , the duty-free benefits will not be applied."

"You need to pay extra caution on the origin of the Goods."

When you speak to Whee Customs Office, you will be hearing directly the "Chartered Customs Expert".

1. Origin certificates,

2. Customs clearance & Quarantine.

3. Customs refund & Corporate consulting.

4. FTA Consulting.

We provide 'quality' that reflects the trend of global logistics flow and "information" that is advantageous to companies, finding the way to Whee your business up.

[Source] Customs duty in the UK, need to be careful about withdrawal from EU


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