ZIM Solution Co.,Ltd  
"a to Z. In Management"

All members in ZIM Solution are clear on that we should learn from the issues and new information that comes along. 

We know that our people gain a perceptive insight only while actively response to the changing needs of our clients. 

About ZIM Solution

Being a registered Freight Forwarder (International Logistic Specialist), we, ZIM Solution, takes a step further to analyse the supply chain and logistic requirement of our Clients. 


By making it easy to handle the international logistics and screening out any compliance issues that arise during which, our goal is to let our clients focus on their core business.  

In line with the supply chain strategy of our Client, we plan, set and tune up the work process and assist the organization to stay in competitive in their core business.


We learned from practical experiences and know what it takes to support our client’s highly  intensive operational requirement while maintaining service and quality standard.

[Corporate Identity ]

- Human & Togetherness

- Earth or Globe

- Wave & Vessel

- a to Z. In Management. 

- Process Optimization

- Object oriented approach

What makes ZIM Solution Different

On top of being a registered Freight Forwarder, ZIM Solution has another feature in it as a Trade Process Specialist.

For example, in contract with Yuhan Kimbery, we take the incoming purchase orders that's going through the production schedule process and eventually shipped out to the destination around the Globe.  It involves all problem solving procedures and decision making processes that's tuned on with the data & information accumulated.  

For import logistics, all inbound shipments are to be verified by the documents reviewing process and cleared with customs. Any would-be compliance issues and regulatory requirements are to be screened out in advance and properly measured out in due course and, only after which, the shipments are to be turned to Finance Dept for closing. 

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