ZIM Solution

Making it easy to handle the international logistics
"a to Z. In Management"
Ocean & Air

We take everything into an account when makes a booking. The right carriers with the right transit times at competitive prices.


We grade the carriers against the highest standards of service delivery. ZIM Solution keep firm and long term relationships with our global partners, your cargo always can be dealt for reasonable quote and be found all over the world within one seconds all the time.


Customers value the ability to access their individual needs – from Full container Load (FCL), Less than container Load(LCL), Non Containerized Cargo to Project Cargo. 

Multi Modal in Supply Chain

Multi Modal Transportation sometimes can be an essential ways when you purchase a product from the overseas. Multi-modal services maximize air, sea, land transportation for efficient delivery.


It might be considered to be very complicated, but the customer chooses this System very simply be cause we can provided end-to-end service with one contract. We operate cross border with our Inter-modal service specialists

Trade Compliance

Our focus is on designing an optimized procedures that identify the requirement, filtering out the potential risks and properly response to the issues in compliance so our Clients can focus on growing their international trade, without worrying about the complexities of trade that are even more mounting these days.

When issues arise with Customs house, our network group will react immediately, guiding the official procedures with accurate and compliant paperwork, clearly announcing compliance issues, and finding solutions to help avoid penalties.

And, more than anything, our team will walk you through to the process to make the amendment not just for the issues arise but for those associated to prevent the re-occurrence.

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Industrial Project

While a heavy load shipments involves a special set of challenges, with the professional approach, it's only a part of the project. 

When the project is analyzed and integrated into the well presented procedures, it could only be a detail that's attended and supervised in the process se by over-sized freight specialists.  


Our focus is on designing & planning that is eventually that lead our Project Cargo experts to ensure that the most appropriate routing and modes of transport.