Frequently asked questions

01. Define the concept of the Project.

It all starts with the Client and their plan which eventually detaermins the level of research in need for the right mode & Route, the specification & Standard that whould be followed. - Route & Mode Analysis. - Searching & evaluating the capabilities of the network. - Preliminary Study on hte requirement. - Indentify the need for the special cargo requirement.

02. Site Survey / Feasibility Study.

The team, led by the department head, is set in effective to the project schedule. During this stage, each of the objectives and goals of the project has to be outlined. 01. Make sure that each of the state regulations and codes are met. 02. Put together the tech-forward system to implement. Solution-Z URL: www.solution-z.com - PO Management. - Dlievery Risk Management. - Compliance Mangement. - Customs Clearance & IR & GR. - Destination Port Demurrage - Documentation. 03. Site Survey in terms of Compliance. - Identify the regulatory bodies. - Prelimiary arrangement for the compliance requirement. 04. Validate the parties & network. - Set the Joint TFT - SOP Setting

03. Pre-construction Stage

At this stage, the contractor and suppliers are chosen and all parties are s In close collaboration, the project team is to visit the field to complete a site examination. It allows the team to detect or prdict any challenges that emerge during the construction process.

04. Construction Stage.

At this stage, the communication is everything. The Platform implemented answers to the inquiries below, in real time.

  1. All documents are drawn to meet the requirement ?
  2. Where the specific materials are ?
  3. In which container and on which Vessel ?
  4. Are they on schedule with the arrival date that's addressed in confident?

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